Commando Joe

Last week’s Commando Joe session was about building trust and communication skills. We had to use self control and collaboration to escape the Amazon Rainforest in the dark (i.e. with blindfolds on). We worked together to build the rest of the obstacle course needed to escape then, in partners, guided each other around the course using guiding hands and oral commands. Both Commando Jo and Miss Hale were impressed with how well we could do this! We’re looking forward to our next session!

Cadbury World Trip

Check out the highlights reel from our trip to Cadbury World last Thursday. A fantastic day was had by all. We can’t wait to put what we’ve learnt and experienced into writing about how chocolate is made.

How to build a simple electrical circuit

Today Koalas learned how to create simple electrical circuits. We have been looking at electricity in Science, including how electricity flows around a complete circuit and how symbols can be used to represent elements of electrical circuits. We wrote instructions for how to create a circuit and built them so that the bulb would light. We worked really well together and helped our friends when they needed it.

Making chocolates

Last Friday Koalas tried their hand at making their own chocolate as part of our D&T learning. Using melted chocolate and sprinkles we drizzled chocolate over lolly sticks and left it to set over the weekend. We hope you enjoyed the sweet treats!

Thank you Olivia for taking photos.

World Book Day 2019

Last Thursday we celebrated World Book Day in style! Hats inspired by our current text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and other Roald Dahl characters were popular choices. Congratulations to Heidi for winning our hat competition with an incredibly detailed and carefully made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hat. Well done to all the students who participated; the effort and care you (and your parents) put in really shows. It is fantastic to see the value you place on celebrating stories and reading!

Can you guess which books inspired our hats?